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Open office

Even though there are different versions available with the open office only certain versions have high add on features. Version 2 xs is one among them which is clustered with different services. The important features are open standard format, multi pane view which increases productivity and usability, new custom shapes, huge slide transitions and animation effects, enhanced portable document format, new enhanced database features, mail merge wizard, enhanced word count option, nested tables support, digital signature support , Xforms support, word perfect filters, enhanced data support, native installers, desktop integration, floating tool bars, style paint brush, multiple language support, new charting module. Multipane view provides all necessary tools and wizards through one coherent, integrated, and simple user interface. Custom shapes are compatible with the Microsoft which not only changes the size but also appearance. Open Office always had database tools, but in past versions they were hidden. The new Mail Merge Wizard will make mailings easy to hundreds of recipients. This wizard steer users step by step through the process. Different data sources can be used for the address information. There are various differences from version 1. Digital Signature support helps the important files or certificates to be stored in the regular repositories. Data pilot option helps to create various groups, filter data based on values, show some differences etc. Desktop integration is a added feature. Open Office integrates nicely into the desktop environment. Thus, Open Office resembles and behaves like any other application on a given stage. On Windows XP it resembles like a Windows application, and on Linux it uses the same Linux widgets as GIMP or Evolution. Language packs are used which access about 120 languages. This article emphasizes the special added features of the particular version of the open office among various versions available.