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Ubuntu Linux – the best Operating System for your computer

ubuntuAre you looking for a good alternative to the Windows operating system? You may want to consider Ubuntu Linux. Based on Debian GNU / Linux operating system distribution that is distributed as free. This means that you do not have to pay large sums for the purchase of an operating system like Windows. There are many exciting features of Ubuntu Linux, making it one of the best operating systems available today.

Ubuntu Linux is not only much safer than Windows, but also includes a free application and provides a safe and fast web browser. This operating system is super-fast and beautiful. If you have a notebook, desktop or laptop, you can easily install the OS. Ubuntu Linux is also ideal for servers. If you want the best technology right on your desktop Ubuntu Linux is the choice for you. Do you want to install the operating system on your computer? You can refer to a computer repair company to install Linux.

Work on Ubuntu Linux is a pleasant experience. Because the operating system includes many great features, you can get the job done without paying for third-party software. You can easily create professional-looking documents and presentations with OpenOffice.org, which comes with the OS. This software is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. This program is very easy to use and allows you to create professional-looking documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

When it comes to choosing any software, Ubuntu Software Center is immediately in accordance with your requirements. This allows you instant access to thousands of open source and carefully selected free applications. You can explore the software category, such as audio and video, graphics, education, games, software, and office and pick one to suit your needs. According to the Guardian, "In terms of software Ubuntu is like the iPhone. Almost anything you'd care to do, there's an app for that."

You can use social networking sites is very easy with this operating system. There is a new Me Menu, which allows me to access Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from your desktop. Here you will be able to connect to all your favorite chat channels and make updates. And the most interesting thing is that you get all these operations through a single window.

Ubuntu Linux includes software as Pitivi video editor, and the Movie Player, which allows you to watch your favorite content, YouTube, Iplayer and MSN Player. Do not just watch, you can edit video with Video Editor Pitivi. There are also many applications that allow the user to set and share their photos with the world.

In addition from the above features, there are many more. Given all this, it would be easy to say that Ubuntu Linux is the best operating system for your computer.