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Ubuntu 11.04 review

Ubuntu 11.04 was released on April 28, 2011 and continues to be the most popular desktop Linux distribution today. In non-technical every day users, let's find out what makes this distribution differs from the rest of the previously released versions of Ubuntu or even as it would be fair to Windows 7, in terms of usability.

The first noticeable difference is the default theme used in this distribution, the taskbar and icons aliened on the left side, and have a look and nearly the Windows 7 taskbar icons. This approach is a step in the right direction to attract new users to Ubuntu, the icons that appear on the taskbar, mainly the most frequently used icons, plus there is room for more icons if necessary.

Another new feature is visible in Ubuntu 11.04 is the introduction of Libre Office 3, which is an application, an office software package, which replaced the Open Office. Libre Office 3 works the same way as any version of MS Office, whether it's Office 2007/2010 and can read any document to MS Office, and vice versa. As for the issue Ubuntu, they are the program (s) that you can install on Ubuntu, which can run any windows based application, including the entire package of MS Office, and other of Microsoft Windows programs. Thus, all programs that run in Windows can also work in Ubuntu, with the appearance and working in Windows.

In terms of speed, Ubuntu 11.04 was pretty fast compared to Ubuntu 10.10, and in my opinion, it is even much faster than Windows 7. All I can say that this is the fastest Ubuntu release to date.

In Ubuntu, slowly and gradually takes on a greater market share of desktop operating systems, which is dominated by Windows, release of Ubuntu 11.04 is a step in the right direction, but only time will tell how Ubuntu is ready to go and how much more user-friendly they are going to make the operating system Ubuntu.