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How to begin switching to Ubuntu

If you want to switch to Ubuntu, the worst reaction you may have to remove the hard drive and install Ubuntu. This can lead to bad experiences. The easiest way to always carry at all times operate on an entirely new operating system like Ubuntu.

The first thing to try and do should be to download software that you use on Ubuntu. Since these programs are free, they work efficiently in Windows, and Mac, as well. Check out numerous open source applications and start using them in your OS. Really, if you hate your application, you will not be enjoy Ubuntu.

The simple response you can have with Ubuntu and other Linux distributions is to use a Live CD. This means that you can view the operating system without actually installing anything anywhere. Download different version of Ubuntu, like Kubuntu and Xubuntu, as well as other versions of Linux and run all of them from the CD-ROM. Take the day that you just work with a particular version and find what you really feel easy or difficult. Try from time to time. In the end, you start to feel a practical, using the atmosphere of your choice.

If you are using Windows, download a program called Wubi. This is likely to immediately install Ubuntu on your system and turn your PC into a machine to boot duel. What does it mean when you turn it on you have to use Ubuntu or using Windows. This means that you can still switch back and forth to the fact that you are still not fully moved in the direction of Windows.

If you like what you see, keep using it. Otherwise, you might have other options. There are many other versions of Linux, or perhaps you can return to a previous operating system. With this process you may end up picking up a few open source programs to replace items that have been using, because you finally, like all of them anymore.