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HTC Titan III leaked and expected to be cutting-edge Windows Phone 8

htcRecently, HTCs proposed launch of Windows Phone 8 devices nicknamed HTC Titan 3 was leaked during the Xbox Live Rewards survey. The monthly questionnaire listed this unofficial Smartphone among other options, which are supposed to be marketed in collaboration with AT&T in coming years.

The Xbox Live rewards survey asked their participants to mark the intensity of their excitements when presented with different handsets. The options of the survey included Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD, iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, and the HTC Titan III.

It is most likely that rumored Titan III could just be the proposed HTC Zenith. The details of the rumored hardware appeared in the way back in June and supposed to include quad-core processor, 8-mega pixel camera, 42 HSPA+ and NFC support, and 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 screens.

Windows Phone version 8X by HTC was once expected with nickname Accord.

If you remember, rumors regarding Zenith are just like others that are well known for HTC launchings such as HTC Rio that turned out to be HTC Windows Phone 8S, and HTC Accord, which happened to be HTC Windows Phone 8X.

However, it is most likely that Zenith will miss its Q4 launch even though earlier 8S and 8X were launched on their expected schedule. The logic behind the delay is that HTC will most likely launch the Titan III at Las Vegas annual Consumer Electronics Show. They launched their Titan II last year; so one-year schedule can be just perfect for new launches.