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Ubuntu Linux – the best Operating System for your computer

ubuntuAre you looking for a good alternative to the Windows operating system? You may want to consider Ubuntu Linux. Based on Debian GNU / Linux operating system distribution that is distributed as free. This means that you do not have to pay large sums for the purchase of an operating system like Windows.


Ubuntu 11.04 review

Ubuntu 11.04 was released and continues to be the most popular desktop Linux distribution today. In non-technical every day users, let's find out what makes this distribution differs from the rest of the previously released versions of Ubuntu or even as it would be fair to Windows 7, in terms of usability.


How to begin switching to Ubuntu

If you want to switch to Ubuntu, the worst reaction you may have to remove the hard drive and install Ubuntu. This can lead to bad experiences. The easiest way to always carry at all times operate on an entirely new operating system like Ubuntu.



Ubuntu VPN server

There are many different Ubuntu VPN server packages available on the Internet today. At first glance, this might actually sounds like a positive thing. With lots of different programs to choose from, one might think that it makes creating your own VPN is much simpler and better.



How to install Ubuntu on PS3

The fact where many people go wrong is that they are afraid to install it on their console as they are afraid that they might be banned or something like that.



How does Ubuntu look like Xp

There is now a version of Ubuntu, which looks just like Windows XP. The graphical user interface has been modified so that the user think that they use the operating system and running on the Ubuntu platform.